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Forget changing the world.  Forget my hanging words.

This is your chance to be happy happy happy

Forget your drowning sorrows, little one

Erase them from your mind, do us a favor.

Take the hate out of your mind

Forget what the world is here for.

Forget the day we went to war..

Forget the day we met,

I want you to forget me

I need you to forget everything that's happened

If you love me, I want you to forget

I want you to forget

I want you to forget

Remember that day? that day you said the words?

That day that sent our two worlds flying apart?

Forget that day, too.

Forget the day where everything ended




I love you
take it as whatever you want to take it as.

I was listening to Muse..
and well,

this showed up
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This is Beautiful. ^^
It's so lovely, but sad. I have no words to explain it.
Thank you so much.

catizoe Aug 14, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome
thank you so much!
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